Rider customization can be accessible anytime you play motocareer, simply by entering motocareer mode and finding the garage option, giving you two possible options of customization. Your "Rides" and your "Rider". If you play on Xbox 360 press X to enter your garage or Square for PS3 after finding the motocareer option in the starting menu.


Unsurprisingly, your rider can be equipped with a variety of MX attire including starting gear, helmets, boots, goggles, neck braces and chest protectors, all made by famous brands inclding Alpinestars, O'neil, Thor, Answer Alpha, Fox and more...

If you are starting a new motocareer you do get some starting credits to tweak your rider to your liking. Since you only get a small amount when you start, there are many events that your rider can participate in to earn more credits to buy additional attire. 

Earnings Edit

Obviously, All Stage races are rewarding when finishing first, therefore that is the key aim when you play motocareer.  

Stage 1 races reward you with 7000cr for every win you have under your belt, all events over Stage 1 reward you with a minimum of 12,000cr to 21,000cr. This all depends on the events that you participate in. These include:

  • Nationals (MX, ATV, UTV, Sport Buggy, Sport Truck, Sport 2 Truck)
  • Freestyle (Tricks/Stunts)
  • Omnicross (MX, ATV, UTV, Sport Buggy, Sport Truck, Sport 2 Truck)
  • Waypoint (Find the quickest route possible through the chekpoints)
  • And more...